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Letter from Peaches

Dear Judy,


Are you fwiggin’ crazy?  Of course, you cannot put my letter on the web site as Santa’s elves might read it and I might get nothing but coal for Christmas.  Then again, if anybody is going to get coal in their stocking it should be you for twisting Dusan’s wubber (rubber) arm into adopting Maddy!  So I guess you can go ahead with the letter.


Guess what?  Maddy is back to himself and I’ve had to stop calling him names as he runs and tells Dusan and John.  I think they secretly find it funny but they can’t let on!  Speaking of the “toothless wonder” (Peaches latest and greatest nickname for Maddy)he is going to need more than obedience training.  He needs a brain inplant!  Just yesterday morning he chased away three blue jays and a squirrel from our bird feeder and then sat underneath it and stood guard!  D’wesus Maddy, just ‘cause you got a dickie bird doesn’t make you a real one!  Speaking of dickie birds, the rash on my tummy and my fluffy (you can guess what she means by that!) is getting all better.  Dusan has been giving me a teeny bit of bread (which covers up the antibiotics) in the mornings covered with peanut butter. It makes you wonder why she took me to see Dr. Pike as if peanut butter and bread make me feel better why didn’t she just go to Sobeys?  Sometimes I think Dusan is missing a few clues too!


Oh, I’m getting sleepy now so I have to crawl back into my “nest” (a queen-sized bed) and see if I can’t catch some beauty sleep. It is not working for Maddy…he sleeps a lot too but certainly isn’t getting beautiful..hee-hee!


Your little friend,



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