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Letter from Peaches’ Press Secretary

Dear Judy:


Please be informed the legal team of “Dewey, Spoil-Em, and Howe” has reviewed your recent request for photographs of Ms. Peaches and we are pleased to inform you that your application has been approved.


Ms. Peaches is quite willing to send your organization some publicity shots  but her expert legal team cannot approve any requests for autographs at this time.


Peaches has agreed to meet with us at “Dewey, Spoil-Em, and Howe”, over the next few days to review her portfolio.  This will ensure any photos released to the press will have her approval and will minimize any future lawsuits. 


In closing, Peaches sends along a hearty woof-woof to her growing fan club and reminds all members to hug their pet(s) today!





Peaches’ Press Secretary

On behalf of “Dewey, Spoil-Em and Howe” Legal Consultants

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