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A quick note from Peaches

Hi Judy,


Just a quick note to say hi and to say thank you for the lovely card you sent to Maddy and I.  We both had it read out loud to us as my eyes aren’t the best anymore for close up work and I can’t get the bi-focals to stay on my snout.


Life with Maddy continues to be a circus and Maddy is the chief clown and monkey all rolled into one. He barks at the weirdest things like crows!  I am tired of telling him that crows are okay and that it is best to save all barking for the neighbourhood dogs. We don’t want coming into our garden and taking “liberties” on our lawn, now do we? 


Did you know that it is almost Christmas time?  I still don’t have my letter written to Santa Claus but they tell me I have lots of time.  I have one secret wish this year….I hope Maddy passes his schooling and makes our Mommy and Daddy proud.  Now, before you think I’ve turned over a new leaf and actually like my baby brother, let me set the record straight.  


I really enjoy watching Maddy doing his “homework” and I hear he is going to have to learn to stay in a down position for 30 minutes!  What freedom I’m going to have then!  So far, I’ve been trying to sabotage his training by running up to him squeaking my toys when he is supposed to be listening!  Hee-hee!!!  I’ve gotten away with it so far by telling them I’m trying to be friendly.


I must go now as I feel another nap coming on…YYYYYAAAAWWWNNN!  Speaking of which, we had our pictures taken the other day wearing our matching plaid jackets (groan!) and in every picture Maddy is licking out his tongue!  Hee!


Love Peaches


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