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Zoey (aka Moto)- ADOPTED

No more puppies for me!

Things are working out great for little Zoey.

After a month in foster care, little Zoey is gone out to her new home, she’s still a little timid and shy but day by day she is gaining a little more confidence.

This sweet little girl had a rough time, she had a eye infection and a gum infection.  Although she was vaccinated, she had to be spayed and had 21 teeth removed.  Poor little baby.  Special thanks to the Exploits Valley Animal Hospital for helping us rescue her and to all the people who have been her guardian angels and donated towards her needs.

Her new home started out with frequent visits until she was comfortable enough to handle the transition to her new home without so much stress and had recovered from her spay and dental work.

Zoey (aka Moto) is a 7 year old Yorkie, she is a bigger bred at 12 pounds.  Zoey was  originally one of @ 30 other dogs owned by a local breeder and when the breeding kennel closed suddenly was given away for free to a owner who also bred her.  We’ve waited patiently for 3 years for the opportunity to rescue this little girl.

Special thanks to Helen Downey of Helen’s Pet Grooming in Springdale for giving her a tubby; and to Sharon Dove of Bubbles and Bows for such a good effort on her teeth.  Thanks to her guardian angel for covering the cost of her antibiotics and eye oinment and the team at the Exploits Valley Animal Hospital who spayed her and did her dental work CAUSE IN MEANT WE COULD RESCUE HER AS WE ARE BROKE.  Thanks to John, Susan, Maddy and Louie who looked after her till she could go back to Judy’s for fostering so she could take care of her sick dogs and the people who donated for her supplies and her new bed …


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