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Sweet Birdie finally has a furever home with one of her foster families.  Birdie has been in foster care for quite a while, she was a little harder to place as she is very scared in new environments and terrified of dogs.  Birdie has formed a wonderful loving bond was a senior cat who lost her lifetime pal before Christmas and is helping her overcome her separation anxiety and teaching her to play again.  She’s also bonded with Max and even with cranky old Puss.  Her foster family felt it just wouldn’t be fair to keep on looking for a new home for her and they just couldn’t part with her.   All the funds used to cover any cost associated with Birdie’s vet care and foster care will be paid back in full by her adopted people and thereby help others in need.

CENTRAL PAWS’  BIGGEST ISSUE IS FINDING FOSTER HOME PROVIDERS.  Please if you can foster, we really need to hear from you.  IF YOU CAN’T FOSTER, please donate so we can have the funds to be able to say YES we can help when asked.

BIRDIE is a blue eye’d beauty who loves to play.  Contrary to our first information, Birdie does not like dogs.  We will try her later on with strange cats.   Birdie loves playing.

Birdie has been Feline Leukmeia tested (negative), been vaccinated again some forms of the cat flu, been dewormed, being treated for earmites and is fixed and declawed.

Birdie is good with children who enjoying playing with her.

Thanks to everyone who have been helping cover the cost for Birdie, Tigger and Momma.


We can’t do it alone without money and foster homes.  We need you to step up and pitch in.  Please contact us at c.p.humanesociety@nl.rogers.com

This little one needs your help and she also needs a loving home.  Please contact us at c.p.humanesociety@nl.rogers.com

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