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Fact: 66% of cat owners obtain their cats for free.  1/5 of cat owners don’t spay or neuter their cats, meaning 15% of Canadian cats will produce unwanted kittens in the coming year, adding millons more to the population.  Not all these kittens will be lucky enough to find permanent homes.  Many will join the ranks of the feral and stray cat population currently roaming the streets or dumps near you.  For others, humane euthanization which is far better than a cruel death by disease, starvation, dog or coyote attack, or being struck by a vehicle.

Based on statistics from animal shelters Calgary, more than 7,000 cats are taken in.   You may say, “Oh that’s Calgary” … but you can equate those statistics those taken in by SPCA’s, humane societies, rescue groups, city pounds in Newfoundland and Labrador easy enough.  On the island, rescue groups have had to spring to action to help cats which have grown in numbers.  There are feral cat groups in Corner Brook, Conception Bay, Clarenville and other groups are trying to help the many cats in dumps throughout the island, i.e. in Glenwood for instance.

There is a problem!  The problem isn’t with the cats … it is with irresponsible owners.

Solutions to these problems can be found through spay/neuter programs, trap s/n release programs, microchipping and municipalities insisting that owners keep their cats indoors.

Central Paws Not only has taken in cats for rehoming, we have also helped spay/neuter cats that have been abandoned in barns who were feral.  The abandoned cats were all rehomed and after adjustment period, now live happily indoors.  We realize this is not a option for all ferals but was certainly a option for those we were able to help.  Central Paws has also help spay/neuter cats owned by people on fixed incomes.  This week we helped a young man neuter his cat, one that he rescued which was abandoned.  Next week we are helping a senior spay her cat who has had multiple litters.

All this helping cost money.  All our organizations operate on fund-raising and donations, please be part of the solution and donate to our Spay/Neuter Fund.

Central Paws is a Registered Charity.  Your donation is tax deductible.

Please mail it today to:

Central Paws Humane Society

P.O. Box 294

Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

A2A 2J9

OR you can e-mail a payment to centralpaws@yahoo.ca

(Statistics quoted from “Kitty’s reputation has gone to the dogs” by Terri Perrin, published in a article written in Animal Welfare in Focus published by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, Spring 2011).


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