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BO – a feral who needed help.

Last winter we received reports of a injured cat roaming between Riverview Motors, Carmelite Road and Lincoln Road area (by the Curling Club) in Grand Falls-Windsor.  We had volunteers set out food at various locations and sent out pleas for everyone to keep a eye out for him so we could trap him and get him checked out.  THANKFULLY he turned up at one of our volunteer’s.  We borrowed a trap from the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor and our volunteer started monitoring the trap.  We had to make sure we had him so we could book a appointment, we had already given the clinic a heads up that we were working on this cat.  THANKFULLY our volunteer caught him.  Now he had to get isolated so we could make our appointment.  We arrived with a dog crate and set up her shed for recovery, as he also needed 10 days to recover and then if we had to he would be released and monitored … if he was able to be saved.  We didn’t know what condtion he was in.

Thankfully the weather was cooperating and it wasn’t too cold outside.  He was checked out by Dr. Pike at the Exploits Valley Animal Hospital.  It was discovered he wasn’t injured as we had suspected, he was so badly matted that his fur had torn off.  He was combed out, cleaned up, tested, dewormed, treated for ear mites and flea prevention and given rabies and general vaccine and neutered.  He recovered in the shed.  Sadly once he finally was well enough he wanted OUT … Bo is being monitored and fed.  We are currently working on his winterized shelter and feeding station and have almost all the supplies for that.


Donations are being accepted to help with BO.  For his maintenance, we help when we can with food (good quality food) and we need a few more items for his shelter and we hope to retrap him in the spring for boosters and a check up.

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