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Peko is in need of a home.



Peko has been in foster care for a while now.  She has really started to trust her foster care provider and doesn’t run and hide in her kennel.  Peko loves her toys, really loves to talk and be petted and brushed.  So far she is still staying on the top level of the big open cage, but she is happy every time she gets a visitor.  Big progress for a kitty who spent  years outside on her own.  She really deserves a special home – she will be a totally devoted cat for someone who loves affectionate cats.  Sge doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

Peko is spayed, fel/felv negative and is spayed.  It is estimated she is @ 5 years old.  Peko is a petite kitty.  Originally she was supposed to have been returned after recovering from her spay .. we don’t seem to be great at the return part of the TNR (trap neuter and release).  We have been successful in rehabilitating older cats with time and patience.

PLEASE consider offering Peko a home, email us at centralpaws@yahoo.ca for more information.

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