Adoption Process – Please email for a application.

Adoption Information

Please note our members are volunteers, we have NO paid staff.   Please email us at and we can send you a application.   Do not leave a message in the comment section … Thank you.


Unless well known to us, referred to us by a rescue group or a veterinary, or one of our volunteers, or have previously adopted from us – all potential adopters must complete a “Pre-Adoption Application”.

We reserve the right to turn down applications.  Not all pets are suitable to all homes.
We do not release previous owner information; and we keep your information confidential from owners relinquishing pets. We may, however, speak to your references.

We need to know as much about you as possible in order to ensure that the match will be good and that you can provide a permanent responsible and loving home. The references you provide should be non-relative, preferably veterinary and/or groomer references or a member of a rescue organization and we reserve the right to speak to these people.

The Pre-Adoption Application itself helps us identify the type of pet you are looking for as we match the pet’s needs to what people can offer them. We can not HOLD a pet pending application processing as we keep applications on file and if a match is made then the first application matching the pet gets the first choice. If there is no match, we continue our search for the particular pet(s) we have needing new homes. In turn, if there are no pets matching your criteria, we will hold your application for review for the next available pet.

However, if everything checks out and you (and your family) are a match to the particular animal needing a new home, then we proceed to make plans for the actual Adoption and Transfer of the pet from either the owner or the foster home to you and we also complete an Adoption Contract (there is a separate one for cats and dogs) will be filled out.

Central Paws makes every effort to get to know the animals as best as possible and to ensure they are healthy and they have good temperments. However, we do not guarantee health or temperament.

Although the majority of animals we place are done so out of our foster care program, if we are placing a pet that remains with a owner until placement and we encounter problems, or the owner decided against our placing the pet; or there are other conflicts and concerns we reserve the right to protect the potential adopter by terminating our involvement in a case.


As at 2015 Central Paws our adoption fees:

Unless otherwise agreed on (as some people offer to cover all the cost or we may be adopting out a pet with “special needs”, for cats and dogs under the age of 5, our fee is $100. To adopt a second pet (ie together), we ask for $101. Purebred are typically $150.

All our adoptables are vetted, spay/neuters are guaranteed by us, dogs are vaccinated and dewormed, cats/kittens are cleared by testing and are deworming. We always provide the items they come with or that are used in foster care as it has their scent on it and helps them fit in easier. We provide food samples as well. We insist on good quality food and we do make recommendations based on the particular pet’s needs.

  • We do not transport kittens/cats out of province, simply because it is difficult on most cats to travel and every Province has the same problems with the high rate of homeless cats and simply not enough good homes.
  • It is not our policy to declaw cats that are in foster care and are up for adoption. We do, however, take in kittens/cats that are already declawed. Declawing of kittens and cats is at the owner’s discretion and cost.
  • All cats are placed as “INDOOR ONLY” cats and therefore we do not provide vaccinations. If kittens/cats come in as “rescued” we do provide health checks and FIV/FL tests for them.

We send off our adoptees with equipment and supplies they use in foster care as it has their scent on it he items, we feel it helps them transition better. The animals may come in with items, but most often we make purchases according to their needs in foster care.


  • All fees Adoption Fees go directly to the animals as most of the animals we take in require some form of assistance, others require a considerable amount. We rely heavily on donations to help us with purchasing supplies; transportation costs, veterinary care. Even though we have no shelter we are in need of funds and without funds we can not offer to help a animal in need as even though it may be spayed or neutered and vaccinated we have often encountered emergency medical treatment; transportation costs and long term foster care provisions.

  • Follow-up counseling can be provided to new pet owners and is available to the new pet owner via phone or on-line. If adopting a particular breed of dog/cat, instructions are provided on the particular breed at time of adoption.

  • Any pet not spayed/neutered on due date … will give Central Paws the right to have the pet returned at the adopter’s cost.

  • When have the space and money, or the time and a function to raise the money, we do offer to help other rescue organizations with pets they may have that are very place able and which need some TLC and a spay or neuter and vaccinations. We typically arrange a transfer from this organization into our own and place the pet in foster care for evaluation and assessment. Animals that come into our foster care program get to go to the vet as we always ensure there the animal has a health check and vaccinations and gets grooming. Then we do the spay/neuter.

  • Apart from that, we work really closely with other rescue groups and often someone is looking for a particular pet and we know of a rescue group who has that pet. So, we do a referral. We help with transport and adoption and follow-up and the particular rescue group then gets the adoption fee. Or, the are in the position to do the adoption themselves and we simply do the referral and reference checks.

There are often exceptions, which is always approved by an Executive Team of at least 3 members. HOWEVER, these are our guidelines, such as privacy of information that there never is an exception to.

There are many ways to help animals find new homes. Working cooperatively together enables the animals the benefits of many people looking out for them.