Franny – ADOPTED

Franny was rescued from living a horrible life outside on the streets where she grew up.  Franny has been adopted by her foster mom and now lives with another of our adopted rescued cats.





Frankie – Adopted




Frankie has been adopted by his foster mom.

Frankie is now neutered and fully vaccinated against the cat flu, dewormed and fl/felv negative.

Frankie is one of 4 feral cats recently rescued.  He and his brothers were likely born outside as they were feral (not tame).    Frankie’s 2 brothers and his Momma have found their wonderful furever homes, Frankie is waiting patiently.

Frankie isn’t much of a cuddler yet.  But he does enjoy being talked to, played with, brushed and having time spent with him.  He may never really enjoy being picked up, but there are non feral cats who aren’t fussy about the trappings of a good cuddle.

We are sure though in time he will be a faithful companion.

If you are interested in adopting Frankie please email us at us for an application.

Buttercup and Bobbles both have great homes.


Bobbles (male with white paws) and Buttercup (female all tabby) were rescued from the dangers of life outside.  They were found in a garden where the mom was trying to protect them from a Tom cat intent on doung hard.  They were all feral and sadly only Bobbles and Buttercup were rescued.

Now 6 weeks old, these two have another 2 weeks before they can be vetted for adopting.  We will fl/fiv test, been working on their deworming, they will get the cat flu vaccine and we cover the spay/neuter.

We always like to keep pairs together, but will consider separating if necessary.  We do a 2 for 1 adoption.  If you are interested please email us at

Sassy – Adopted


Sassy is a very sweet, cuddly, playful kitten who is @ 6 months old. Sassy has been fl/fix tested (and is negative), treated with Revolution and a all around dewormer. Sassy is now spayed.

Sassy is good with other cats (after the initial hissing which they all do) and according to SCR Rescue in LaScie she is good with dogs.

Sassy would like a loving permanent home. Remember we only place for indoor only cats and we insist you feed good quality cat food.

If you are interested in adding this adorable kitty to your home please email us for a application at

Molly – Adopted


As Molly was unclaimed. We took her to the Exploits Valley a Animal Hospital where she got tested for feline leukemia and felv (negative), vaccinated, dewormed and spayed. Molly now has a great home.

Found in the Goodyear Avenue, Grand Falls-Windsor, area close to Sutherland Drive. This kitty has been hanging out in this area since the first week of December. If you own this cat please contact us at Proof of ownership will be required. After 10 days this cat will be available for adoption.




Sadie is Niki’s little sister. She is a sweet typical kitten. Sadie and Niki will be heading to the vet on the 30th for their check up and FL/FIV test, dewormer … They sure would like to have homes waiting …