A little help from some Riley and Hayley.

Riley and Hayley Jewer from Springdale are selling lemonade and cupcakes (50 cents each) to raise money for Central Paws. This is the second Saturday they have had a sale. They have raised $50. (These kids get their big kind heart from their Momma who runs all those auctions, among other things.) 


Winner of the DIAMOND EARRINGS … MOTHER’S DAY – Anne DroverAnne Drover

The winner of the earrings was Anne Drover.  The winning ticket was drawn by Paul Howard of  Riverview Motors Limited sponsors of the printing of our ticket.

MOTHER’S DAY IS A SPECIAL TIME OF YEAR … but 1 female cat can produce kittens up to 3times a year and the average litter is 5 kittens  = and those kittens (females) can start producing kittens of their own as early as 5 months of age.  YOU DO THE MATH!

This year we have we decided to put a push on tripling our spays and the proceeds from tis ticket will mean 2 spays, fl tests, deworming will be done.


Holly and Fletcher

Holly and Fletcher

Along with a few other organizations, we were recently invited to attend Family Fun Day which was sponsored by The Committee Against Violence, The Status of Women’s Council, Safe and Caring Schools.


We thought it would be a great opportunity to teach children about being safe around dogs.  Special thanks to Otejilla Russell and her dog Serenity; Nicole Fry and her dog Taz; Cathy and Holly Froude and their dog Fletcher.  Also thanks to Nicole who did of the face-painting.

Otejilla and Serenity

Otejilla and Serenity



Nicole painting a face

Nicole painting a face

Serenity making a friend

Serenity making a friend

Raising Money to Help Cindy and Izzy





July 010

Chloe is a very kind 5 year old who has been involved in the Foster Care Program with Central Paws since she was a baby.  Chloe has a true love for the cats and kittens and they are her speciality.  She also enjoys the dogs too but we have since lost count of how many cats and kittens she has helped already.

Chloe knew we needed funds to help with the latest two kittens we took in, Izzy and Cindy, she thought it would be a great idea to have a lemonade stand.  We are all really proud of her and she did a great job talking to everyone about how important rescuing cats and kittens is.  

Chloe raised $34.75 so the baby kittens could have the best quality kitten food.

Special thanks to the donors for the yard sale and special thanks to Joanne, Nicole and Chloe for their help.  Left over yard sale items was divided and went to other organizations.

Santa Paws Christmas Draw




# 1 – Christmas Wreath was won by Pam Provost

# 2 – K9 Goodies was won by Samantha Bartlett

# 3 – Feline Goodies was won by Robert Vaters of Buchans

# 4 – Stirling Silver Braclet was won by Darlene Guy

# 5 – Linda Coffey’s Dog Obedience Class Certificate valued at $50 was won by Leonie Fortune

# 6 – Newfoundland Quilt Wall Hanging was won by Alicia Morris

# 7 – Bag of Nature’s Variety Pet Food donated by Patches Pet Supplies was won by Laura Bailey

# 8 – Grooming Certificate from Whiskers & Tails valued at $35 was won by Sharon Vaters

# 9 – Clean & Tidy Gift Certificate from Treasure Pets Grooming valued at $25 was won by Joanne King

# 10 – Puppy Kisses Snowbaby ornament was won by Toots Manual

# 11 – Handpainted Necklace & Earring Set (cats) was won by Toots Manual

SELLER’S PRIZE of $50 was won by Erica Saunders


Prizes were donated by:  Judy Hunter; Helen Downey; Leslie Pike; Joanne Duke-Piercey; Linda Coffey; Inez Gosse; Whiskers & Tails; Chloe Cuff-Jenkins; Treasure Pets Grooming and Patches Pet Supply