Please open up your heart and home to help.  We desperately need foster homes for cats and kittens who have been abandoned.  AND WE NEED DONATIONS to help with spay and neuters.  We always have a long wait list and it’s so sad when we are finally able to fix a cat in need only to book and spay and then a couple of days before manage to have someone get the cat inside and she has kittens … 
IF YOU ARE IN CENTRAL  NEWFOUNDLAND … We need your help.  If you can foster, please email us for a application at
If you can donate, PLEASE either etransfer to (email us your password for the transfer and mailing address).  You can drop a donation off directly to the Exploits Valley Animal Hospital, they will put it on our account and take your name and address.  OR MAIL IT DIRECTLY TO Central Paws, PO Box 294, Grand Falls Windsor, NL. A2A 2J7

Help cats and kittens like Sassy and Quinton who were 2 lucky ones.


Foster Care

Our Foster Care Program enables us to help animals find new homes. Since we started in 2003 to June 2015 we have helped approximately 700 plus animals.

We always have a list of animals waiting to come in and waiting to be spayed through our low cost spay neuter program.

If you are interested in fostering, we do have a application process so please email us at for more information and a application.  Donations are always welcomed to help with this program because without money we can’t do anything.

PLEASE NOTE … WE CURRENTLY ARE NOT TAKING IN OWNED PETS.  We are trying to concentrate our efforts on helping the abandoned animals and to provide prevention through spay neuter.


At least half the animals have come in from rescue organizations or individuals affiliated with rescue organizations and the first thing that we have to do is make an appointment for the vet … we assess these animals ourselves first upon intake … so foster homes with animals must have their pets vaccinated. All cats/dogs/rabbits over 6 months are either spayed/neutered on intake or shortly thereafter. We supply all the necessary items for the foster home provider to ensure the care can be provided and even provide grooming services. We believe pets deserve a second chance and foster care gives them the advantage of being less stress (as warehousing animals at shelters is extremely stressful on most animals). Foster care gives us the ability to get to know the animals better in a normal family home environment and because of this it enables us to place them in a home best suited to their needs and the new owner’s lifestyle/needs.

Our typical foster pet is in a foster home for a minimum of a week to a maximum of three months. Some animals are a little harder to place than others as we match the needs of the animal to what a owner can provide to enable us to make as permanent a placement as possible. Also, sometimes there simply are “lul periods” i.e. before Christmas, just before school opens in September. The foster home provider who doesn’t miss their foster pet shouldn’t be fostering … it is a labor of love for us. Foster home providers are comforted by the fact that they have helped to save a life and can, if they wish, help another deserving animal as soon as they want to.

We really need more foster home and donations. The average cost for us to help a rescued animal is @ $500, most of which is for medical testing, deworming, spay/neuter and set up supplies, collars, I’d tags other items such as soft paws, litter pans etc., good quality food.