Pet Safety

Help you pet stay safe. As a reminder please check your local municipal guidelines regarding keeping a pet(s). In many communities in Newfoundland and Labrador it is against the law to let your pets roam freely (including cats). Cats are always safer inside!!!




Hi Lori,

This happened to my friend last night.  She wants to spread the word on this.   Perhaps you can pass this along to the others.



** High Priority **

Good morning all,

I wanted to send this email to those I know for sure have cats, so those who don’t please forward this email to make the cat owners aware.

We have 2 cats at home, and a little while back, we purchased from Petcetera in Dartmouth Crossing, a single scratching post with the carpeted ball attached to it with an elastic or cord that stretches. It has a carpeted base and is carpeted at the top of the scratching post.

Our cat Charlie who weighs no more then 5 1lbs and pretty much resembles an overgrown squirrel, plays with this toy quite often. You can hear the ball as it when it shakes, it sounds like there is sand, rice or pebbles inside.

Last night when we were having dinner in the kitchen, Charlie was playing with the ball attached with elastic as she always does. And all of a sudden I heard a huge “thump” on our hardwood floor. Then I heard “THUMP THUMP THUMP” I got up and I looked in the living room and Charlie had the ELASTIC CORD WRAPPED AROUND HER NECK AND WAS TRYING TO FREE HERSELF FROM IT.  She had knocked the scratching post over (which she has never done as it’s pretty heavy).

My husband had to hold Charlie still while I pried the elastic which was wrapped SO TIGHT around her neck over her head. It was so tight that at one point, we thought we would have to cut it off.

Since that incident, I have contacted Petcetera and have made them aware of the potential danger of the elastic cord on the scratching post and the manager there, Nick, has in turn contacted his head office in Vancouver and they have been in contact with me in regards to the danger of this toy.

We have cut the elastic cord off of the post and off of the ball, so Charlie can still play with it.  But I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING WITH AN ELASTIC CORD THAT CAN POTENTIALLY WRAP AROUND THE CAT’S NECK AND CAUSE STRANGULATION.

I shudder to think what would’ve happened if we weren’t home when she was in that situation, or even in the middle of the night while we are sleeping and when she plays with that toy.

I highly suggest you reconsider purchasing anything with a cord for a cat toy.

Thanks for your time!